Websites Designed to Grow Your Business

More that just looking great, our websites are designed to add value to your business by driving conversions and increasing your revenue.  

Our Approach

At Devon J Andrew Design, our approach to web design is an extension of our general philosophy of exceeding client expectations. Through a collaborative approach, we will work with you to establish your business objectives, and design a site to maximize your return on investment.
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Our Process

step 1
Desgin Consultation
Our process starts with a consultation where we discuss, with your team, your business objectives, and the best way to achieve your goals. By understanding desired outcomes we are better able to determine the optimal site structure, and to tailor a user experience to the process through which you make a sale, generate a lead, or otherwise convert your potential customer.
step 2
Initial Design
We'll take what we've learned about your business process during the consultation phase and begin to build your site. We will employ, not only a modern design aesthetic, but also incorporate best practices for Search Engine Optimization and Accessibility.
step 3
Feedback & Iteration
Once the initial design has been completed, we will work through a process of feedback and iteration to ensure that your new website looks and functions as you would like it to. Once the process has concluded, your site will be ready for launch.
step 4
We offer a range of services for our clients from service on an as-needed basis to monthly maintenance packages. Maintenance packages include general labour for changes, as well as preventative maintenance tasks.
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